Kerala Banana Chips (வாழைக்காய் சிப்ஸ்)

Kerala Banana Chips freshly made with pure coconut oil, are crisp in texture and maintain a full banana flavor. Its a tradition of Kerala no added colors or flavors.. Made with pure fresh country banana.Locally called upperi, but better known as banana chips, it is an ethnic Kerala snack heartily savoured by practically everyone.

*No Artificial Flavorings/No Preservatives Or Coloring(Proudly All Our Snacks are Kids Friendly)

  • Freshly Picked Banana
  • Pure Organic Coconut oil
  • Fresh & Natural Turmeric Powder for Color Enhancement { No Added Artificial Colors / Flavorings},
  • Natural Salt for Taste Enhancement.

Health Benefits:

  • It also provides magnesium, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, and potassium in small quantities. 
  • These nutrients benefit your eyes and may prevent high blood pressure. 
  • Like most foods, this snack supplies your body with energy. 
  • A serving provides about 165 calories

Secret  Health Benefits:

  • Although this snack boasts fiber and a few vitamins and minerals
  • These benefits are quickly offset by the fat, calorie, and sugar content. 
  • Plus, since banana chips are dehydrated and fried, they are highly palatable and easy to overeat.
  • Bananas. Bananas are an excellent choice if you are looking to gain weight
  • They are not only nutritious but also a great source of carbs and calories

What Makes Us Unique From Others?

  • 35 Years of Excellence With Maintaining Good Quality & Native Special Flavors
  •  Wood Fire Traditional Method Cooking (We Can Ensure the Health Benefits Exist)
  •  No Preservatives Or Artificial Color & Flavorings Added
  •  One Time Used Oil
  •  Freshly Getting Natural Ingredients from Origin
  •  Hygienic Preparation & Automatic Packaging

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