Sattur Pepper Kaara Sev (சாத்தூர் பெப்பர் காரசேவ்)

Pepper Kaara Sev, is one of the south indian savoury delicacy. The peppery flavors makes this pepper karasev is good for people whom like spicy snacks. Pepper kara sev is prepared in a taditional way by using freshly crushed pepper for the unique taste. Pepper Kara Sevu is a spicy and crispy snack that is prepared during festivals. If you are a Pepper Kaara Sev lover do try it from Snack Attack, organic and homemade Pepper Kaara Sevu maker.


  • Vegetable oil
  • Besan Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • Garlic
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Asafoetida,
  • Salt and Jeera
  • Crushed Black Pepper

  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Cleanses your intestines and stomach.
  • It consists of potassium that helps in regulating heart rate and high blood pressure.
  • Rich in vitamin B and produces calcium.

What Makes Us Unique From Others?

  • 35 Years of Excellence With Maintaining Good Quality & Native Special Flavors
  •  Wood Fire Traditional Method Cooking (We Can Ensure the Health Benefits Exist)
  •  No Preservatives Or Artificial Color & Flavorings Added
  •  One Time Used Oil
  •  Freshly Getting Natural Ingredients from Origin
  •  Hygienic Preparation & Automatic Packaging

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